After Work (Or Should I Say After Call Work?)

I'm dead tired! After work, we went directly to Starbucks at Camp John Hay to "detoxify" ourselves from all the days work and to celebrate Boss Wednesday's birthday as well (I only learned about this when we're there). So far, it's good and fun and totally "detoxifying". I definitely enjoyed it  and I savored my all-time favorite Classic Chocolate Cake again (see photo on left). Present at Starbucks are my fellow Quality Analysts Lorraine Beltran, Lou Fontanilla, Paul Caesar Santos, Ace Jimeno, Jerrol Go, Aaron Lascadan, Maria Llloren, Brenda, and, of course, our Boss, Wednesday Ann Macaraeg. Enjoy the photos guys (limited photos only). And by the way, we also accidentally saw Jericho Rosales there. Worst is we didn't even recognize him unless Lorraine did not insist that indeed it was him.

Perfect tandem for 2011? QA Lorraine and heartthrob Jericho Rosales!

From front to back: Boss Wednesday Ann, Lou, Ace, Aaron, Arjay, Maria, Lorraine, Jerrol, Jean, Brenda and Ces.
Starbucks at Camp John Hay. I tell you, it's a lot bettern than Starbucks SM City Baguio. The place is so enticing and secluded from the city.
 View from the inside: totally captivating is the best adjective that I can think of right now!
The golf area at Camp John Hay


  1. wow.. kainngit nmn.. cute b xa??.. jeje.. sna anjan din aku.. huhuhu..

  2. woowww.. cute b xa.. jeje.. sana anjan din aku.. huhuhu..

  3. Well, I'm not really sure if he's cute. I can't tell. He's a lot different in person. But Echo is friendly and nice. We didn't recognize him when he entered Starbucks.


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