Diary Entry: March 13, 2011 (13.27 Manila Time)

Still I'm undecided whether I should go in Pangasinan or not. I still have a lot of things to do: I need to bring my stuffs at Nicole's Laundry Shop, need to shop and 'grocery' and I need to wash my shoes (or else I'll suffer again from a miserable state of 'uncomfortability' simply because of not washing my shoes. I don't have a 'feet odor' but I know you know how it feels if you haven't washed your shoes for, say, four days.You feel like it's 'smelly' and it ain't good.)

On the other hand, I miss Sison, Pangasinan so much and this forces me to go there! The last time I visited the place was way back October 28, 2010, also my Auntie's birthday. The longer I stay here in Baguio City, the more I long to see the place.
But I'll decide later - probably at 3:00 PM or perhaps at 5:00PM.

Oh hell, I need to buy a new shoes. I want a brand new Nike shoes again. Oh wait...what the hell am I talking about? Do I really need a brand new shoes. I think about this real deep. I still have shoes to wear!


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