Diary Entry: March 26, 2011 (11:00 AM, Manila Time)

I love my new job, and I'm writing this with no blotch of hypocrisy, glibness and the like - although I admit that I need more time to learn more about it, of course with help from my fellow Quality Analysts ( Lorraine, so far, is the most supportive of them all) not to mention Wednesday, our boss.

After work photo-shoot. From left to right: Lou Fontanilla, Lorraine Beltran, Yours Truly, Aaron Lascadan and Ace Jimeno:

But, honestly speaking, the first two weeks of the training is stressful. In my case, I had  to re-learn Excel (Excel is one of the greatest achievements by mankind) and, at the same time, I'm still catching up specifically when it comes to meeting compliance (although we have no compliance yet because we are new) not to mention that we need to extend -for, say, five hours - just to make sure that our fatal audits were saved on the intervention log and this and that. Anyway, it's paid, and I'm pretty sure I'll be used to it. And I also agree with Lorraine "Ganito lang talaga 'pag una".

Presenting our new shirts! From left to right: Lou Fontanilla, Lorraine Beltran, Yours Truly, Ace Jimeno and Aaaron Lascadan

FYI: The photos here  included in this entry are from Lorraine. Included on photos are my fellow newly hired Quality Analysts, Aaron and, of course, Lorraine Beltran.

New hired Quality Analysts except Aaron! From left to right: Ace Jimeno, Aaron Lascadan, Ces Santos, Lou Fontanilla and Yours Truly.

I don't have much to say for today. Still I'm tired from work and I need some sleep. Good night everyone! By the way, it's my off today but I'll be back on Sunday for the CITZ training with Operations Manager Ephraim Hilario.


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