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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Great Escape To Neverland Mountain Resort

I'm a great fan of Peter Pan, and when I was around four or five years old I dreamed of going to Neverland. I dreamed of meeting Captain Hook, Tinker Bell, the Little Lost boys, Wendy and more. Above all, I dreamed of going to Neverland because I don't want to grow old. Of course, this was almost twenty years ago, and I was told - repeatedly- that Neverland doesn't exist.

But who says Neverland doesn't exist? Ohh..mind you, it does exist, and we (I'm referring to my wave mates Lou, Prince, Hannah, Precious and Tina) went there yesterday for our reunion. Unfortunately, we haven't seen Captain Hook, Tinker Bell or even Peter Pan but we definitely enjoyed a lot - so far one of the best experiences I ever had which is, indubitably, worth blogging for. Enjoy the photos guys (I'm wearing sleeveless red shirt.)


  1. nice shots.. hehe but where are my other pictures?? ;)


  2. Thanks Lou. Other photos are on Tina's photo album on Facebook!


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