Busy Days and Other Matters

My fellow bloggers are asking me why I didn't update my site for almost two weeks and the most honest answer I gave them is "I'm too busy" - to busy to write but I told them that I'll be back on blogosphere as soon as possible. And I did it today! Hehehehe!

Busy? To tell you honestly, I was never been busy like this. When I was an agent, everything was a walk in the park - no deadlines, no compliance, almost everything is fine, all I need to do was log-in, take calls, log-out, go home and blog. But of course, I'm not complaining because my new job is making me absolutely busy. I love my job the same way I love myself. Besides, being busy is something that all of us can't escape. It's a fact of life, of our existence - whether you like it or not!

I'm handling five teams this April - most of them are from Coach Mariel and Coach Valerie, the rest came from Coach Decker, Coach Archie, Coach Janie, Coach Che and Coach Carlo. Since I'm a new Quality Analyst, handling mid-performers is a great challenge. It's a challenge to test my patience and to apply everything that I learned not only from work but also those that I learned outside of work. It's challenging because of the expectations from Coaches and agents and most of all it's challenging became of the various feedback from people your working with.

I know there are challenges but I know I'm strong and determined enough to face these no matter what happen or no matter who is challenging me. I'm tough enough and I believe that God as well as my friends will be there for me.

This is it for today. I don't have much today. By the way, it's my off today and I'll be back on Monday!


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