Random Snapshots At Wood Nymph

Just got off from work, and the first thing that came out of my head is to upload the pictures taken at Wood Nymph, a Korean restaurant located at Loakan Road just behind Nevada Square. We went there earlier today for lunch! It's my first time to check the place and, hey, it's definitely great there - the place, the food, you name it! Unfortunately, we didn't have time to take photos of ourselves - Lorraine, Cess, Aaron and yours Truly. What I did was took photos of the food, which I normally do - not for photos' sake but for blog's sake! Here are the photos:

 The place is called Wood Nymph - a 15-minute ride from Sitel and a 5- minute ride from town! It's  a log-cabin type of house-turned-restaurant.

 Inside the place! If you're looking for a Korean Restaurant in Baguio City, Wood Nymph is the perfect place for you! 
 My pick! Unfortunately, I forgot what's the name of this -it's hard to pronounce and spell! Costs: Php210.00

 Ces' pick! It's called Doisotbibibbab, boiled rice with assorted mixtures! Costs: Php230.00.

Unfortunately, my other work mates aren't there but still we enjoyed a lot. I love the jokes of Lorraine -specifically the one wherein she's imitating the eyes of the Koreans who were also eating there! Lol!

I haven't much too say today so I guess I need to log-off now an have some rest and sleep! Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow, anytime tomorrow actually and hopefully will ave time to blog. This is it for today everyone! Bye for now!


  1. nice one aris.. i wish i have time to make my own bloggs.. i love your bloggs.. :)

  2. Thanks Hannah. Yeah, I wish you'll have time as well updating your blog! Thanks for the visit!


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