Amitists Batch 2003 Photo Collection

I don't anymore remember who's the teacher who told us that we're the "most indifferent" section at Gubat National High School but I sure remember how we behaved way those days. Hahaha! I remember how we played table tennis using our teacher's table, how we pissed some of our teachers and I remember all those funny things that we did. Ohhh...those innocent days, I miss those days. View our photos way back high school (Photos taken from our Yahoo Group. Special thanks to Analou, Ada, April and Jazmin for the photos):
The Amitists Batch 2003 with our class adviser. Photo shoot before graduation?  Spot me if you can! 
Outing! I think this photo was taken at...ohhh.... I'm sorry I forgot. See how bonded we are way back high school?
Night swimming at Rizal Beach Resort after graduation! We were so young...we were so young....hahaha! I miss being young...I mean I miss being 15. Lol!
Photo shoot before CSAT. Left, right, left, right, left, right. Ohhh shoot, I remember myself saying "labing-apat". Hahaha!  Kinda funny I guess.
The Amity Band. Just kidding. From left to right: John Encela, Eduardo Uy, April Estrellado, Ada Angela Moncada, Floro Estera, Erika Bianca Funelas, Arwin Esperanzate, Sixto Alimaza and Ralph Rigor Estadilla
Pretty ladies! From left to right: Jazmin Jamuat, Catherine Eugerio, Zyra Laya and Zemerian Evasco
Fave place for hanging out! Parola (description based on the description from our YahooGroup)
Picture! Picture! Honestly, I don't have any idea where's this. Included in the photo are Joy Laarni Furing, Paulyn Ferreres, John Rex Endeno, Catherine Eugerio, Floro Estera, John Encela and Arwin Esperanzate.
Full support for beauty queen April Estrellado. Included in the photo Archie Estolonio, Donna Diang, Irene Picardo, Ronnoel Nicolas and Shiela Enaje.


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