Life Explained by Graphs

Well, good thing blogger is up now so I can start updating my blog, and because I haven't have any final topic for today, I'll just post the message forwarded to our yahoogroups by a former high school classmate who is now working with SunPower Corporation. The message is called "Life Explained by Graphs". Here it is:

People who find you on Facebook. Oh no! I can't believe that we only have few actual friends on Facebook.

Why do men attend wedding? Simple, men only want to open bar at reception - of course based on the graph

What tastes like chicken? Oh boy, KFC doesn't. See and figure it out! Lol!

What have you learned from watching CSI? All female CSIs can double as supermodels. Hmmm..what a nice answer. 

Special thanks to Ana Luisa Lu for the email. This is it for today everyone. I don't have much time to write today aside from the fact that still I'm tire from my trip yesterday. See you again tomorrow! (Advance Happy Birthday to my wonderful mom)


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