The Baguio Country Club Bill and Overspending Tips

I think I'm spending too much. Yesterday, I went shopping at Tiongsan Harrison and spent a lot, and earlier today I received an e-mail from Aaron, informing me about my bill for the breakfast ( I had Napoleon Pizza for the team breakfast) we had at the Baguio Country Club a few weeks ago. Whew! I was an  Economics major but I don't understand why I can't apply a very simple economic concept - that is, to minimize cost while achieving maximum satisfaction. Yup, I'm in agreement that I achieved satisfaction, although the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility still applies,  but the problem is I'm spending too much,and I guess I have to break this habit or else I'm going to end up -hhmmm, bankrupt.

When I was in college, my mom told me about ways to avoid overspending but I guess these are no longer effective given the fact that I'm now working and, of course, paid. So, instead of reminiscing what my mom told me some years back, I tried to research about tips on how to avoid overspending, Here's what I've got from various sources:

1. Don’t buy anything that you don’t know you need - Obviously,this is self-explanatory. Why buy something you don't need? I mean...better have a list before you shop.

2. Avoid Impulsive Spending - According to UK Mortgage Guide article called 7 Ways to Avoid Overspending: "If you are in the habit of spending on impulse make an effort to have a moment of reflection before buying anything. If you see something you would like to buy, try waiting a day before actually committing yourself to buying. If you really want it, you will come back. This also gives you the chance to find other things that may be better." I really need to do this! I swear.

3. Give yourself strict income limits - I believe this is the most suitable tip for me. I need to give myself a specific money/budget to be spent in one day. I'll figure out later "how much".

4. Wait for several days before you buy something - Memories are short. You’ll see how quickly it is to forget something that wasn’t important anyway.

5. Discipline Yourself - There is no better way to avoid overspending but to discipline you. Always tell yourself not to overspend, and not to cross the line when it comes to shopping, groceries or just anything that involves spending money. Money is hard to come by nowadays, and it would be wise for you to discipline yourself.

Cool, easy-to-follow tips but, for now, I'll stick with Tip # 3. I'll start today and I'll check what happens.


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