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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Convergys Baguio Application

Due to the fact that most of my visitors are directed to my site by searching "Convergys Baguio", "Convergys Baguio Application" and the like on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo, I realized that I need to research more about it just to make sure my readers are well-informed - that the information posted here is accurate and not simply speculations. So I did and here's what I've found:

Convergys Baguio opened it doors to the public last June 10, 2011. You might wonder and ask: seriously? Yup, seriously! Take time to read this line: "Convergys Baguio will open its doors starting June 10, 2011 at Baguio Technohub, Camp John Hay. Get ready to be part of the pioneer team of the BIGGEST and the BEST private employer in the country!" By the way, I copied this line from the Convergys Philippines Facebook Fanpage, which as of this writing has been "liked" 8,938 times. You may also like the page by clicking HERE.

For those still in doubt whether Convergys Baguio application is on going or not, try to ponder on this: Scenario: (Interested Applicant): "What time can I go at your site in Baguio?Where is the exact location so that i won't have a hard time looking for your site in Baguio? Looking forward to see you guys there! Hihi!" (Convergys Baguio): Our Baguio Recruitment Hub is open from 9am-5pm Mondays thru Fridays and it's located at Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay near the entrance in Loakan Road."
Or try to figure this out: (Interested Applicant): "Do you have vacancy for healthcare specialist or associate position? PM me how to apply. Baguio site would be great!" And here's Convergys quick response: "You may apply in our Baguio site in Camp John Hay."

Still can't believe it? The image above is a clear proof but if your motto in life is "too see is to believe" then better go to Camp John Hay and personally apply there.

Honestly, I'm from Sitel Baguio but I'm writing this because I want my readers to be well-informed about Convergys Baguio application. And, of course, for "search engine optimization purposes" as well. Hehehe!


  1. Hello.. HELP! Who have been there? what accounts will be opening at CVG Baguio? Do they have dayshift/ weekends off accounts? How much is the basic? Please let us know.. Thanks..

  2. Hi. Thanks for visiting my site. I'm not quite sure what account will be opened but I'll inform you ASAP once I have the details. The basic, according to one of my readers, is Php12500 plus Php2500 allowance plus other benefits and incentives but, of course, this is not yet confirmed. I still have to research.

    If anyone has been at Convergys Baguio, feel free to share it here. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  3. Hi..Thanks for taking the initiative for doing the research. I'm interested as well applying for CVG Baguio. Is that the basic whatever the tenure is? And do you have any contact number for their recruitment. Please post any info.

  4. You're welcome. I'm not quite sure with the basic for highly-experienced agents but I'll give you the answer once I get it. Thanks for dropping by my site! =)

  5. Thanks how about a contact details for recruitment team? Whom to call and mobile number. Thanks i appreciate it.

  6. Basic is 12500 + 2500 allowance (1500 transpo and 1000 meal allowance)...tenureship doesn't count. Rice allowance of 1000 after one year. Their health benefit ... hmmmmm... sitel's health benefit is much better

  7. I am not trying to discourage future applicants who wants to try out at Convergys but I was there the first day it opened for applications. According to Convergys itself, they stated that there were over 500 of us who showed up during the first day alone and all I can say is that I felt so tired and hungry when I got home.

    I waited almost six hours (yes, that's 6) just for the initial interview. Wow. My only take with this is that Convergys should improve on handling and processing applications in a more efficient way. I applied to other call centers here in Baguio before and my application was processed fast. I hope Convergys will work on this.

  8. Thanks JC. I appreciate that information. As long as someone is determined to work at Convergys then time won't matter. Thanks again for your input.

  9. I suppose your company's not hiring an A+ English student or student whose major is English! I passed the final interview before with not that so good English. I mean I stumbled on words and yet I reached mock call. However, I wasn't that prepared and I got overwhelmed with the test. I guess I was better enough already and gained better confidence. But, what the heck is your final interview. I don't wanna mention who's the interviewer but I think she didn't tackled the final interview as it is. I know the inclusion of the final interview which talks about the commitment to your company as well as the ability to manage such calls or the so-called mock call. I was not even to last for 5 minutes. I don't question how the final interview is conducted at your company but I think better assess those who are conducting it also. I know their styles vary from one another but it's a bit ridiculous already especially when it comes to her.

  10. i just want to ask if Convergys Baguio is still hiring CSR/TSR?

    Thanks and God bless! =)


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