Father's Day Thoughts

I woke up at two in the morning today, and the first thing that came out my head is my father - obviously because it's Father's Day.

Honestly, I was never 'close' to my dad. Back when I was a kid, he was more of a wicked king than a father in my eyes - one wrong move and I'm dead. I mean, once he caught me naughty he's gonna hit me with broomsticks which, to tell you honestly, is more painful that being hit with his palm. And for a four or five year old helpless kid, it's severe punishment - a kind of punishment I never experienced from my mom and my lola and lolo. Despite this, I still owe my father: he was the one who taught me Math - I mean he taught me multiplication when I was six which made me number one in my class. He made my projects when I was in kinder and he fetched me to school when I had my right foot burned and I couldn't walk when I was in Grade II.

Obviously, fathers are never the same, but they will be forever fathers in our eyes - whether one likes it or not. Happy Father's Day, Papa. I think I miss you.


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