Things I Must Do Tomorrow

"Always plan ahead. It wasn't raining when Noah built the ark." This line is one my "favorites" from US Archbishop Richard C. Cushing and this has been one of my guiding principles in life ever since I learned this from my professor way back university days. And due to the fact that my brain was literally drained because of the all-days "hardwork" and "stress" (you know, right?) and I can't think of what to write on my blog, I will write instead about my plans for tomorrow's shift. I have them listed here:

1. Prepare for my Quality Performance Review which was originally scheduled June 15th. I'm not quite sure if it will be moved given the fact that my fellow QAs' schedule were adjusted but still I need to be prepared. It's my first time, and I guess everyone's first time, so I'm quite "nervous" (I mean "nervous" is not really the exact term. I just can't find the proper term.)So, good luck to me and to my fellow Quality Analysts as well.

2. Listen to the calibration call. Oh yeah, I just remembered. Our calibration session with the Quality Team based in Monrovia, California was rescheduled to it's original schedule so I need to submit my score (my fellow QAs are now fond of calling it "scow") tomorrow. As of this writing, I haven't tried yet. I mean...I tried but unfortunately sound card is not properly installed in my PC so the call recording didn't work. Ouch!

3. Monitor 25 calls. This will be my target for tomorrow's shift. 25? I'll think about this later! Real deep!

4. Need to finish the Security Awareness training. Oh, my bad. I'm sorry I forgot. I took it earlier and, whew, I passed the examination. 100% in one attempt. Cool!

5. Ooopppsss...needs to wash my shoes[es]. Oh never mind! I don't have time! See? I just realized how important it is "not be single". I mean it's cool to have "someone" washing your shoes. Oh yeah, I'm not talking about laundry shops or what not. Perhaps, you know what I mean!

I guess this is for now. I just got off from work. I'm dead tired -honestly-and I need some rest and, yup, sleep. Watch out for my entry tomorrow. Have a nice day everyone. Good night! =)


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