The Weekly LitWit Challenge 6.1

I dropped by Jessica Safra's blog earlier today and one of her articles caught my attention. It's called  "The Weekly LitWit Challenge". This a nonverbal IQ challenge wherein one needs to make a story out of the photographs shown. To quote Safra's very own words: "Your assignment should you choose to accept it is to build a story around this random sequence of photographs. Think of it as one of those nonverbal IQ tests where you have to figure out which image is next (except that you have to describe the visual)." Stories made out of the photos shown must be submitted as a comment on Jessica Safra's site on or before June 26, 2011, 11:59 PM. Now, try to look at the pictures below, make a story and get a chance to win books courtesy of national Bookstore:

Photo 1: "a pair of human ears cast by Leo Abaya"
Photo 2:"A grave in the old cemetery, Bristol, England" 
Photo 3:Millennium Stadium at Cardiff, Wales 
Photo 4:"A tree in Kew Gardens, London" 


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