How To Manage Stress in a Call Center Industry

Working in the call center industry such as SITEL requires an employee to have good listening skills, patience, empathy and the ability to solve problems quickly and effectively. There is a lot of stress associated with working in the contact center because of working in graveyard shifts and conversing with different types of customers overseas.

In order to survive the stress in this call center industry, there are ways that you can do in order to lessen the taxing hours and experiences. Take care of your health and relieve yourself from the anxiety and constant worry of working in a call center with these tips:

1. Utilize Those Breaks – Most call center companies usually have two 15-minute breaks and an hour of lunch. Use those sessions to get out of the building and take a breather. You will need it as you get back to taking those calls. When you are able to rest from facing the computer for even a short while, you will be more energized to take new calls.

2. Leave your Problems at Home – It is not advisable to carry your problems at home to work as this will affect your productivity. Learn to separate your professional and personal identities. Bringing your problem to the office will not solve it there. You can save yourself from worrying too much if you just let it settle until you’ve reached your house.

3. Follow Company Rules – Just like any other organization, working in a call center requires you to follow a set of guidelines and rules. When you don’t, you will get into a great deal of trouble. Practicing discipline goes back to when you were in preschool when you know how to behave properly.

4. Stop Complaining – Even when customers are already screaming at you, just pause for a moment and don’t complain. It will not help especially if you keep on sporting a frowning face. This will only lead to you distracting your team mates and cultivating a negative culture all throughout the day. Just be thankful that you have a job as there are people who are dealing worse things than you do.

These are just some of the tips that you can do in order to manage stress in the call center environment. Concentrate on the better part of the job as a customer service representative and realize that there are more opportunities for you to grow. These stress points will make you stronger as you face different challenges in life.


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