An Invitation to Join Blogroll Center

I've got an invitation to join Blogroll Center today, and I find it's cool to be chosen given the fact that there are millions of bloggers in the whole wide world. Here's the entire message from Marck:

"I am pleased to invite you to join our top site which includes all types of sites at: With a friendly interface that is easy to use, our top site provides free web promotion for your website that will bring you more profit. On our top site you can find all kind of features:

* Screenshot of your website;
* Title and description;
* Statistics regarding the number of unique visitors and page views;
* Statistics about the visitors you got from our top site;
* Private statistics option;
* Comments about your website;
* Ranking by unique visitors per week;
* Premium membership update;

In order to be accepted to our site, join our top site by taking the voting code and putting it on your website.
We are expecting you at to subscribe your website.
For any questions, you are welcome to contact us."

Thank you for your time and consideration.

So there. This is it for today. I'm fresh from work and I need some rest and sleep. By the way, I felt relieved when I learned that no one's using my credit card. Just received an email from HSBC.


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