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Saturday, July 30, 2011

There's 'UK' in Baguio City

Ukay-Ukay is a Visayan term for "sift through" or "dig up." On the other hand, wagwag literally means "to dust off" or "to shake". At ukay-ukay shops, shoppers normally shake dust off used goods and, then, finally, dig the item that they like. Ukay-ukay shopping is like treasure hunting, but instead of looking for a treasure, one is literally digging from the piles of clothes which are mostly vintage and of high value.

I went to one of the ukay-ukay centers here in Baguio City in preparation for this article.  Shoes in the photo are sold 30% less. 

Some studies revealed that ukay-ukay originally started way back 80s. Due to the frequency of calamities happening in our country, a certain humanitarian group called the Salvation Army used to ship second-hand garments and other goods as forms of help to the filipino victims. As the goods piled up, business-minded people decided to buy them at a very low cost and sell them to the public. Hence, the birth of ukay-ukay.

The entrance. So far, this is photo that I like most. Isn't it amazing? Picture-perfect.

And from then on, the ukay-ukay industry has grown from just clothing to bags, shoes and even toys. Some shops now even sell brand new imitation goods of imported designer brands in the areas with ukay-ukay and there were several stores selling second hand Christmas trees and other decorations from the US. Matter of fact, Dr. Jaime S. Ong of De La Salle University described ukay-ukay as "the best bargain phenomenon to ever hit the Philippines..."

30% less for all kind of shoes and bags. 

Apparently, these days ukay-ukay doesn't only cater to CDE consumers, but also to class AB customers who are totally aware that these wagwagan centers have a wide range of imported and branded used goods--ranging from Prada and Benetton bags, Gucci apparels, Louis Vuitton bags from Hong Kong and other designer brands. (to be continued)

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