Hailstorm Hits Baguio City Again

The first I time I witnessed a hailstorm here in Baguio City was way back 2006. We were inside the Institute of Management building at the University of the Philippines at that time, and if my memory serves me right, we were discussing Linear and Non-linear Programming in Economics 131 when, suddenly, one of my classmates blurted "There's snow outside!" We all looked outside and, yes, there were hailstones!

And after 5 years - August 17, 2011 to be precise -it occurred again! I was lying on my bed when I heard something unusual with the raindrops. Yes, it's kinda weird in my ears so I quickly get up from my bed and rushed myself outside. And when I reached the front door and opened it, holla, there were hailstones everywhere! Unfortunately, I can't tweet about it. It looks like something's wrong with Twitter today. The web can't be opened! Ugh!

Below is a three-minute video (although the hailstorm lasted for about 20-30 minutes) of the hailstones in Baguio City (special thanks to malambing911 for upoloading the video on YouTube):

Trivia of the day: Hail is a form of precipitation which consists of balls or irregular lumps of ice (hailstones), also hail is a type of snow. Hailstones on Earth usually consist mostly of water ice and measure between 5 and 50 millimeters in diameter, with the larger stones coming from severe thunderstorms.

Hail is only produced by cumulonimbi (thunderclouds), usually at the front of the storm system, and is composed of transparent ice or alternating layers of transparent and translucent ice at least 1 mm thick.


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