How to Post Facebook Shoutout Using Smart

Well, I couldn't disagree no more! Thumbs up! Smart Telecommunications has once again proven how they truly love their subscribers! No, I'm not talking about their text or call promos and the like. Oh well, I am talking about, ummm, Facebook Shoutout! Yes, it's all about voice status message on your Facebook profile - which apparently is the 'freshest' and, yes, the coolest way for us to express ourselves on Facebook! If you're wondering the how's of it, then check these easy-to-follow steps:

Step 1: Activate your Facebook Mobile SMS. Log-in to your Facebook account,go to Account Settings, select Mobile and register your Smart mobile number.

Step 2: Start posting your Shout Outs! Simply key *8990332 using your Smart mobile phone. Kindly wait for the beep and record your message.

Step 3: Check your Facebook Wall to see your Shout Out post.

Step 4: Listen to your Shout Outy clicking on the link by simply clicking on the link

Step 5: Spread the news! Ask your friends to post their own Shout Out too!

Well, it's just a walk in the park! Leave voice messages for your friends to hear on your Facebook. Each Shout Out costs Php2.50, maximum of 30 seconds. Try it now and see the difference!


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