In Defense of Christopher Lao

Facebookers, twitters and bloggers are talking about him and he became a YouTube sensation because of his famous "floating car video." Yes, you are correct, I am referring to Christoper Lao. News about him flourished in the entire archipelago  which I have no objection at all, but having all the freedom to 'tweet' about him or to 'Facebook' about him and tell the whole wide world how stupid he was because of what happened is, of course, a different story. I dare say it's internet harassment or cyber bullying and he doesn't deserve it. Whether you like it or not, rude and insulting words against him is a clear manifestation of social media abuse.

Come to think of it. Just because someone made a mistake and it was brought in the national TV won't justify that he is a moron or stupid. You can't say 'because his car floated in the flood, therefore, he's a moron'. No way! Have you ever thought or pondered about your previous mistakes yet you didn't t call yourself (or no one called you) stupid or moron? Apparently, Christopher Lao made a mistake but no one has the right to judge him and let him suffer from "mass humiliation." Needless to say, he's a victim of irresponsible journalism or media sensationalism - the news about him is a one-sided story and the reporter/s didn't probe why he braved the flood.

And, yes, before you call him moron or stupid, I may strongly suggest that you do a little background check about him. And by the way, is it funny to see someone's car floating in the flood? Ugh!


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