Ooppss...It's My Birthday!

Whew! Time runs so fast and I can't believe that it's my birthday again!

I woke-up at around four in the morning today and, as expected, my phone inbox was flooded with birthday greetings from friends, co-workers and, to my great surprise, some high school buddies. They're all wishing me 'good luck' and 'more birthdays to come' which is, I dare say, very 'touchy' and it makes me feel how important I am to them. Well, I believe you know how it feels if some truly cares for you.

But, what's weird is I haven't yet received any greetings from my two sisters as of this writing. Well, I wonder if they aren't awake yet, or perhaps, they run out of load. Hmmmmm...I wonder!

To everyone who made an effort the greet me: big thanks. I appreciate your time. And for those who are wondering or are asking me what my age is: Go figure it out! Honestly, I am not comfortable disclosing my age. Hahaha! Age doesn't matter as some people say! Hahaha!


  1. you have all this day to wait for their messages, bro.. Keep safe and
    enjoy this special day :)


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