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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Post Birthday Treat At 50's Diner

Oh yeah, cool! Another birthday treat at 50's Diner but this time it's for my previous team members. Present in the mini-reunion are Jackielyn Manangan, Cecile Cadiogan, Joreena Balena, Priscilla Yag-as, Norizza Quizora, Nicca Shelleah Bernardo and Yours Truly. Here are the photos (special thanks to Cecile Cadiogan for the photos):

Welcome to 50's Diner. Your's Truly with my former team mates: Nefreena Evangelista, Norizza Quizorra, Priscilla Yag-as, Joreena Balena, Cecile Cadiogan and Jackielyn Manangan! Thanks guys for making this day memorable.
It's time to smile! Photo-shoot after eating! Me, Nef, Cecile and Nicca. Good thing Cecile brought her digicam. Thanks Cecile! Thanks as well for uploading the photos!

Full! Full! Full! We had set menu for eight gangs! I love the pork barbecue and the shrimp! And yeah, the ice cream -my favorite!

Just the three of us! Me, Nef and Cecile! I absolutely love the pork barbecue! So tasty and yummy!

Thanks everyone for making this day a memorable day. May we all have more birthdays to come. And yeah, advance Happy Birthday as well to Priscilla! I enjoyed this day! Our next destination? Itogon Resort for Priscilla's birthday celebration.


  1. Ariz!!!!! PowerPuff Girls are so absent..why oh why? You didn't invite me huhu..anyway belated happy birthday! :)

  2. Thanks Venus! Eh sowe...I don't have your number kasi. I invited Annie and Celine but they weren't able to attend because they're too busy


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