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Monday, August 15, 2011

Revisiting Itogon Resort on Priscilla's Birthday

It was cool! It was fun. It was memorable and it's worth blogging for! Oh yeah, I'm talking about Priscilla's birthday celebration at Itogon Resort yesterday, August 14th. Here are the photos taken at the special event (specials thanks again to Cecile Cadiogan and Rjny Otawa for some of the photos uploaded here):

With my previous team mates and birthday girl Priscilla Yag-as (center), Loss Management Specialists Niccah Bernardo and Jackielyn Manangan, Compliance Specialist Cecile Cadiogan and Customer Support Specialist Nefreena Evangelista! We love 'the waterfall'. (Hehehehe!)

It's me! Why is it that my pose is like this! Well, honestly, I was about to fall when Jo took this photo! Good thing I didn't fall or head's gonna break!
On our way to the pool. Well, I love the bamboo bridge. It'a definitely cool and, yeah, eco-friendly. FYI: I'm wearing read shirt, looking at the camera!

Girl Power! Nefreena Evangelista, Niccah Berhardo, Cecile Cadiogan, Rjny Otawa and Joe Ballena! They tried the 'kiddie pool'!
The cave where you can have steam bath for as low as Php20 per head! Looks a bit scary at first glance so I didn't go inside but my fellows did and they enjoyed it! I didn' attempt to go inside because my contact lens will 'melt'.
Picture perfect! From left to right: Compliance Team specialist Cecile Cadiogan, Loss Management specialists Jackielyn Manangan, Niccah Bernardo and Priscilla Yag-as, Yours Truly, Nefreena Evangelista, Mentors Joreena Ballena and Rjny Otawa. We're all looking good. Ehem!

On our way to the cave at around three o'clock in the afternoon! No one knows where the place is but good thing we found it!
Hanging bridge. The plan was to go up and check the place and some of us backed-off. So we all backed-off! Perhaps, we can try next time!

'The waterfall' is cool and clean! Yours truly, Cecile Cadiogan, Joreena Ballena, Priscilla Yag-as, Nicah Bernardo, Jackielyn Manangan and Nefreena Evangelista. Did you know that we spent almost an hour here? The place is so irresistible!

This is it for today everyone! Thanks Priscilla for inviting us in your birthday celebration. May you have more birthdays to come and may God shower you more with His blessings!

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