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Monday, August 1, 2011

There's 'UK' in Baguio City (Part II)

The phenomenon of ukay-ukay started in Baguio City. In early 90s, the locals call it wagwag which literally means "to dust off" or "to shake", and afterwards, they call it ukay which is a Northern counterpart for "to dig." Wagwagan centers sprouted like mushrooms in this pine-cladded city, but it is only in late 90s when people become honest and open in visiting and shopping at these stores. But as time passed by, ukay-ukay become famous not only to Baguio City folks but also to nearby provinces -including Manila. Hence, Baguio City has also been regarded as the "ukay-ukay capital of the Philippines."

One of the most famous wagwagan centers in Baguio City is "Hilltop", which is found at the back of the City Public Market. People from all walks of life visit the place as early as six in the morning, hoping that they'll dig a Fendi jacket or perhaps a Louis Vuiton bag from  Hongkong at a relatively low price. The place is jam-packed with surplus shoppers so it is a must that you keep an eye of your belongings if you're planning to check the place.

Another must-see surplus shop is Bayanihan Hotel (near Burnham Park). The place offers a wide range of selected ukay items, ranging from imported shoes to Benetton bags and even toys or home appliances.

Next to Bayanihan Hotel is "Skyworld" in Session Road. Skyworld is used to be a "pre-earthquake" shopping center, but it was converted into a two-storey building and currently houses different stalls of ukay-ukay items.Compared with other surplus shops, items in Skyworld have relatively higher prices, For example. a Fendi jacket costs around P1750.00 at Skyworld but would only cost around P750.00 or P800.00 in other ukay shops.

There are other ukay shops in Baguio City but the above mentioned are the most famous. For ukay fanatics, they may also try checking U-Need ukay-ukay shop at Lower Session Road, adjacent to People's Park. Others can also be found at Abanao Street (fronting Abanao Square), Maharlika Livelihood Complex and at Diego Silang Street (in front of  UCPB). (to be continued)

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