Things To Do on a Rainy Monday

Rainy Monday can be, ummmm, boring especially if you're alone in your room and you're sick and tired of Facebooking, movie marathon or, perhaps, Tweeting - add to this the cold Baguio breeze which makes you, ummmm, wanna sleep all day! Well, I believe this not unusual  but there are ways for you to fight this creeping boringness in your entire system.

For me, Mondays are sacred - just like Sundays- simply because it's the start of the week and I believe that if you have a good start, then, the rest of the days will be pretty fine as well. Which is why I always make it a point that my plans are well set on Mondays. Here are the list on things that I want to accomplish today:

1. Pay our electric bill and water bill. Yesterday, I went to BENECO and Baguio Water District and braved the strong rain to pay our bills only to discover that their office is close. I was under the impression that they are open on Sundays! Hahaha! My bad! I went home soaked with rainwater!

2. Clean my room. My room is a mess - literally speaking! You know, if you're busy, you don't really have time to clean your own own. Hahaha! But I'll make it a point that I'll clean it today! Oh by the way, I just started cleaning the mess before I write this.

3. Cook Champorado. The last time I ate Champorado was way back, ummmm, high school so I decided that I need to cook one for myself - which is kinda timing because it's cold. Anyway, it's easy to cook!

4. Bring my stuff to the laundry shop. Another downside of being too busy is you don't have time to wash your clothes, and the best remedy that you can think of is to simply check the nearest laundry shop. Most laundry shops here in Baguio offer laundry services for as low as Php25.00.

5. 'Grocery". Oh yea, I know you know what I'm talking about. I had "grocery" at Sunshine Supermarket two days ago but, unfortunately, the supply that I bought didn't last so I need to "redo" the "grocery." Shessh...and still it's raining hard outside!

And the list is endless but these are my priorities for today! By the way, need to go back to work later and I'm hoping it won't rain 'that much'. Have a blessed Monday everyone! Bye for now! I'll be back tomorrow!


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