Is it Daltonism or Oblivion?

If Baguio pedestrians aren't taught that red is stop and green is go during their grade school, then, I'll say majority of them are sufferring from Daltonism, a kind of colorblindness in which red and green are perceived as identical.

If you happen to pass by Session Road (I'm sure you did), I'm pretty sure you've seen a lot of pedestrians crossing the street even if the traffic light is red!  Honestly, it pisses me off! Filipinos are the most educated creature of all Asians but I don't see the logic behind not following a simple traffic regulation.Way back grade school, we were taught that red is stop and green is go but I don't understand why some of us are not applying what we've learned! You know, it doesn't make any sense if you don't practice what you've learned! And yes, it's annoying that we don't even follow rules yet we complain about the way our leaders govern our country! How can someone be a great leader in the future if s/he doesn't even know how to follow a simple traffic regulation? Argghh!

I just want to say 'I hate traffic violators'. If we want change in our country, learn how to follow simple rules. Hay, nakakainis! 


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