Will Facebook Charge Its Members?

These past few days, I've noticed that some of my Facebook friends are posting messages on their walls that Facebook will soon charge it's members because of the recent changes in it's layout or design. Here's the message:

"“It is official. It was even on news. Facebook will start charging due to the new profile changes. If you copy this on your wall, your icon will turn blue and Facebook will be free for you. Please pass this message on. If not, your account will be deleted."

Now, the question is: will Facebook charge it's users? Well, definitely not! Facebook earns a lot from its advertisers so rumors that it will charge its users is simply rumors. It's  a hoax! AllFacebook, the unofficial Facebook online resource, confirmed that Facebook will not charge it's users due to recent changes in its design or layout!

Quoting from the website: "Despite Facebook continuously dismissing claims that the company will not charge for their service, the rumors continue to spread. Ironically Facebook is the platform that is always used to perpetuate the false claims...So in case you were wondering: Facebook is not currently and never will charge to access the service."


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