Notes From Sison, Pangasinan Part XI

My Auntie celebrated her 61st birthday two days ago so right after my shift I immediately went down to Sison, Pangasinan. I brought with me a yummylicious Almond Java Mousse Petite cake (see image on left) courtesy of Goldilocks as a gift to her.

Connie (my cousin) and I arrived in Sison, Pangasinan past ten in the morning. Our placed has changed a lot. It's messy everywhere considering the fact that there's no one to clean the surroundings. Our errand Ate Ruth left us almost a year ago (I even learned that she tried 'suicide' but someone saw her so she was saved from certain death.) and Uncle Isabelo and Auntie Renee are to busy with there also task. Kuya Jimmy, our ricemill operator for almost three years now, is still there, and we have two new assistant operators (I don't know their names yet).

Through conversation with my Auntie I learned the following: Manang Carmen, our neighbor, died last month, Bangus has gone crazy due to drug abuse, Auntie Mely has two new businesses aside from Magicland at the newly constructed Rosario Public Market, our ice harvest drastically went down this year, we have a new rice gallery, Leo has a private tutor since her mom left to work in Macau, Ate Mariciel is still in Japan, Kuya Michael's application in Canada is still pending, Auntie Carol who is currently based in Canada will have her vacation here in the Philippines next year, Auntie Renee is planning to visit Bicol but she is uncertain of the time, Mabel finally passed the licensure examination in Accountancy, Coyet and Kristel are doing well in the school and a lot more.

We left Pangasinan past five in the afternoon and reached Baguio City past seven in the evening. I slept for two hours and, then, realized that I was late for work. I was late for an hour and 30 minutes! Ughhh!


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