Images: One-Month Old Jhian Jay Marquez

When I first learned that my sister was pregnant some months back, I was totally shocked in disbelief. I even cried because she's about to graduate in college by that time, and knowing that there's life in her womb is a bit unbelievable. Months passed, and now, we have Jhian Jay Marquez - my first nephew and my parents' first grandson! To have him in the family is a blessing and, wow, the feeling is absolutely great! Awesome! Take a look of his photos below:

Our angel! His name is Jhian Jay Marquez! Isn't he cute? Hahaha! My mom told me I look like him when I was a baby. How true is this? Hahahaha!
Perfect shot! Watching him after work is very relaxing! He's like an angel in my eyes! Awesome! Having a healthy baby like him is everyone's ultimate dream in this world.


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