My Christmas Wishlist 2011 Edition

 I've been blogging for almost seven or eight years now, and it has always been my habit to include my Christmas wishlist every year - be it the quirkiest wish on Earth, I don't really care. Here's my Christmas wishlist 2011 edition:

1. I want a new place where I can stay (long-term). I've been looking for a place these past few days but, unfortunately, I can't find one. It should be "one-ride to town" or "a walking distance to town". Anyone?

2. Visit BenCab Museum before the year ends. I swear I'm gonna check this place. (Photo above is courtesy of Google Images)

3. A brand new shoes. Yes, I want a brand new shoes this Decemeber. Of course, I want the original ones. By the way, I don't know why I'm addicted to shoes. I'm not even related to the Marcoses. Hahahaha!

4. A brand new Samsung Galaxy young. I checked the phone and its specs and I find them pretty cool. A must-have-phone for me. I should have it before December ends. Hahahaha! I don't like Blackberry or iPhones!

5. A shoe-rack. Yeah, I need a shoe-rack to nsure that my shoes won't mess inside my room. I'm speaking literally.! Hahahaha!

6. World peace! This is and will always be part of my Christmas wishlist! We need peace on Earth and I'm serious!

7. Promotion at Sitel, preferably next year. Ugh! I'm serious.

8. Sex? Umm...why not? Sex are better than chocolates! And, by the way, who doesn't want sex?

9. What else? Kids? Umm...not yet. it's too early. I gotta save more money because we don't know what lies ahead. The future is unknown!

This is it for today. I'll have my final and official wishlist a day or two before Christmas. Happy Holidays everyone!


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