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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Revisiting University of the Philippines Baguio

I went to UP Baguio yesterday to request for my OTR only to discover that the registrar is closed because it's Saturday. Oh yeah, it's Saturday but I thought it's Friday (please understand the nature of my current job and work time). Instead of getting annoyed or what not, I wandered around the campus and took photos of the newly constructed buildings and other stuffs which I haven't done for, say, five years. And, oh yeah, I felt tired roaming around but it was fun! Here are the photos:

An untitled painting by a UP Fine Arts student courtesy of Beta Sigma Fraternity. This canvas can be found in front of the UP Open University office. Social realism is what the painting conveys - in my opinion.

The Activity Garden, a priority project of the Beta Sigma Fraternity, is found near the Main Library. When I was still at UP Baguio, this place doesn't exist yet.

Job well done Beta Sigma! It says: Activity Garden: A Priority Project of UP Baguio Beta Sigma Fraternity.

The open court. This is what we call Court A. I remember myself playing lawn tennis here under Professor Claur. I like the "make-over" of the court. Unfortunately, Court B was removed to pave way for the College of Social Sciences Complex.

The College of Science Complex (back view). The UP Baguio College of Science offers BS Biology, BS Physics, BS Mathematics and BS Computer Science.

The UP Baguio College of Social Science Complex. The complex houses the Cordillera Studies Center which is internationally recognized for its research and publications, the UP Open University and the College of Social Sciences. This building replaced the HS Building previously used for Math classes.

Inang Laya at UP Baguio. Inang Laya represents freedom and women empowerment. This can be found in front of  Court A.
The Institute of Management building. The building also houses the UP Bookstore. The UP Baguio Institute of Management offers Management graduate courses like Master of Management and it also offers Bachelor of Science in Management Economics.

Peyups! I miss my UP days. I miss Oble, the Lib, Bluebook, Inang Laya, Secs Office, Fac Room and a lot more. I miss the Freshie Night as well.

The UP Baguio Student-Alumni Center (side view). A place where students held their org and fraternity meetings. Anything goes here. Lol!

The UP Baguio Student-Alumni Center (front view). I love this place so much. The "look" itself is very "welcoming". Hahaha!

Kumakanta din ang UPian. Of course, we do. Our life is not just limited to Plato or Aristotle. We sing, we dance and we fight for the basic human and student rights. "Iskolar ng Bayan. Ngayon ay lumalaban."

Our beloved Oble. Oble symbolizes freedom, excellence and service to the Filipino people. I maybe working in a call center industry but the lesson and principles I learned from UP is and will never be lost.
The College of Science Complex front view. It's a good thing that UP Baguio is eco-friendly. College of Science Complex (front view). UP Baguio has been recognized by Commission on Higher Education as Center of Excellence in Biology, Physics and Mathematics.

About UP Baguio: "UP Baguio remains at the forefront of the academic community in Northern Luzon, guided by the principles of scholastic excellence, academic freedom and nationalism. As articulated in its vision paper of 2002, UP Baguio continues to nurture and develop innovative programs in the arts and sciences. It will also continue to develop the niche it has created over the past decades in the Cordillera studies. UP Baguio has indeed created an impact in the region by informing its curricular, research and extension service programs with a regional perspective without losing track of national and global contexts." - taken from UP Baguio Website


  1. Thanks for this post :p
    UP in Baguio is simply amazing.

    Deo, BS biol

  2. Just came across your post- thanks for sharing. It's been a long time since I took my freshman year at UPB. I'm miles & miles away but the memories are so close to my heart. How I miss my UPB days! Thanks again.

  3. Same here. I also miss UP Baguio so much. I feel like I wanna go back there and study again.


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