Will Facebook Ban Filipino Users?

These past few these days, Facebook has been bombarded with blog articles and news, stating that it will be banned in the Philippines due to pornography issues. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in his official statement released on November 16th, confirmed that "porn spams" originated in the Philippines and this has to be stopped. Otherwise, Facebook will be totally banned to Filipino users. Below is the official statement of Mark Zuckerberg:

"The porn attacks originated in the Philippines and are being published by Filipinos all over Facebook, our experts here at Facebook are doing everything they can to stop it from spreading any further (outside the Philippines) and to eliminate the porn and spam threat completely which have been causing other Facebook users ‘a hard time’. Filipinos should also be vigilant and report any spam links and pornographic materials. 41% of Facebook members around the world are aged 12-17 years old, we cannot be exposed to this kinds of things through Facebook. If this continues and more spams keep being posted, we will have no choice but to ban Philippine users from using Facebook. We at Facebook will not tolerate outlandish behavior and indecency."

It's a sad fact the the Philippines emerged as the top "spammer" on Facebook, especially when it comes to pornographic materials. For me, its a bit unacceptable and, upon closer examination, it will generate bad image for us Filipinos.

Now if you care, kindly share this to your friends. We don't want Facebook banned in the Philippines. Am I getting it right?


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