At 12:37 in the Morning

It's 12:37 in the morning. I'm awake. I tried to force myself to sleep again but I can't. Looks like I'll be awake until three or four in the morning and be back to sleep again at five or six in the morning.

But, of course, I can't blame myself for having such kind of 'sleeping hours'. I'm a vampire. I mean I work in a call center and that's how my life works -just in case you don't know yet. Haha!

Rewind: When some of my former colleagues at UP (allow me to include non-UPians who know that I came from UP) learned that I work in a call center, their initial reaction was, 'OMG, are you serious?' For majority of them, working in a call center is a nightmare which, of course, I strongly opposed. I cited several reasons why working in a call center is not a nightmare, and this include 'a relatively higher pay' than the rest of them.

Yes, I'm from UP and I work in a call center. So what? Just because I'm a true-blooded Isko doesn't necessarily mean that I shouldn't work in a call center. Ours is a democratic country and one of its essential elements is freedom. In my case, it's the liberty to choose.


  1. Well I´m working in a call center too and I´ve done night shifts and I wouldn´t go back not even for double the money I´m getting now. It just killed my social life, not to mention my health. But I know where you´re coming from. And it´s true that call centers are not so horrible as people usually think they are. It all depends on how they are organized. Cloud computing brought a whole new dimension, at least in my experience it made the work and the atmosphere much easier and relaxed.

  2. Yeah right. Working in a call center, just like other jobs, has its own pros and cons. By the way, you've got an awesome comment. Thanks for dropping by. :)

  3. You´re welcome, it´s a very nice blog!!


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