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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Comments and Reactions About Facebook Timeline

Four days ago, I switched to Facebook Timeline and, unlike other Facebook users, I found it perfectly awesome and user-friendly. I find it cool and very convenient  that I can easily see my previous post by simply clicking the year that I want to reminisce. Just one click and I'm all good! Unlike the classic Facebook that we are all used to, Facebook Timeline is more illustrative and chronological, and it can also be easily customized or privatized. I also love the cover photo which serves as header image of my profile. Here's how my new profile looks like using Facebook Timeline (The cover photo that I used here was taken before our Christmas party at the Baguio Country Club. I'm with my fellow Quality Analysts.):

Other Facebook users, however, find Facebook Timeline contrary to what I mentioned above. Following are examples of comments and reactions about Facebook Timeline from other Facebook users:

From Kirsty M*ndy: "I really don't like it...with the fact that there are now two columns on my profile showing stuff that I've done on games and status and it give me a headache..."

From Isabell Meera Sw*n: Even in Malaysia still not announce about this but I'm totally hate this timeline.Better I deactivate my profile. Luckily nowadays we have Twitter. F*ck Facebook Timeline..."

 From По Са*r: "I don't like it. How to change back my FB timeline?"

 From Darshni S*ah: "I don't want it prefer the old version we should get a choice!"

 In it's official Fanpage, Facebook Timeline posted: "Over the next few days we will be activating Facebook Timeline before the launch date, on 5 million profiles. This process only takes a few seconds! Don't miss out."

 So, have you switched to the new Facebook Timeline? What can you say about it? Hit the " add comment" button now and tell me your story. I'll be waiting!

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