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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Facebook and Twitter: Good or Bad for Teenagers?

We cannot deny that teenagers these days are "addicted" to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, teens spend a lot of their time online just merely updating their status on Facebook and Twitter. To some FB and Twitter are a great give from above while others see it as a menace to their lives.
Through Facebook and Twitter, teens find a way to express themselves and gain self confidence and self esteem. Likewise, long lost friends or friends who are abroad can be easily contacted as if they were just living across the street. Teens are also free to share their opinions on matters concerning or involving them whether it may be social or personal matters.

The twitter world also makes it possible for teenagers feel that they are part of the world and that a lot of people are interested on what's happening now at their lives. It makes them feel like they are updated on what is trending right now in the world. Moreover, through these social networking sites teens acquire what people call today as "virtual friends" that somehow makes them feel that they are not left out on the craze across the globe.

Everything has a good side and a bad side since nothing is perfect in this world. So it is logical to say that Facebook, Twitter and all other social networking sites are not perfectly good as well as not perfectly bad for teenagers. So what is the down sides of these social networking sites? Undoubtedly, for a well-informed individual who watches and reads the news everyday the down sides are clearly seen in rampage these days.

Scams and other forms of mischievous acts are rampant in social networking sites these days and the dominant crowd of the victims are teenagers. A lot of spammers that get personal information and photos etc. from teenagers and use it in ways that could harm the teenagers. In these turn of events, Facebook and other social networking sites are trying their best to improve their privacy controls so that these kind of acts would stop.

Another downside of Facebook and Twitter is that it serves as the great distraction to every teens home works, papers, and exams in school. Teens tend to use the social networking sites as their procrastination method and most of the time they do succeed. Teenagers would rather update, like, comment and tweet online rather than update the status of their school works. As a result, grades are greatly affected.

Like any other thing, Facebook, Twitter and all other social networking sites affect an individual on he/she chooses to use it. It is really up to the person to decide on how he/she would do things on these social networking sites. Certainly if a person has enough common sense and knows how to behave and act properly on social networking sites then nothing would go wrong.

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