I've Got Something Soft and Sweet

Christmas in the Philippines is also known as "the season of giving", and this tradition is best illustrated in “monito, monita” - the Filipino’s own version of kris kringle or gift exchanging. It is usually done among group of friends, classmates, or officemates.

And, yes, we have an ongoing Kris Kringle at Site 3 (Support only) and today I've got my gift. It's something soft and sweet. Thanks to the person who gave it to me, whoever you are. Hehehe! Love it. I've never eaten Sour Gecko before. It's my first time. Hahaha! And the lollipop is absolutely cool. It reminds me of my childhood.

By the way, our next gift should be "something green'. Yesterday, I went to one department store here in Baguio City and luckily I've found one. It's green, literally speaking, and it's best for Christmas Season.

Included in the Site 3 Kris Kringle are OM Twinkle, OM Jana, Coaches Jessfer, Moises, Leah, Michelle B., Michelle F., Josie, Ferdz, Marie, Lovell and Bebith, WF Maridem and Gladys, and QA Lea.


  1. Sour gecko? It´s not really a SOUR GECKO, right? Or is it??
    Looks nice though in the package:)

  2. I am not even sure but the package says 'sour gecko'. Haha! My first time to taste it. Haha!


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