Notes on a Rainy Monday Morning

I woke up at two in the morning today, and the first that I did was eat rice with chicken adobo because I woke up starving.

It rained last night which is probably the effect of ITCZ. When I was a kid, the rain was more than just a rain. For me, it's a miracle because I don't know why it rains. There were even times when I assumed that it's God's tears - God is crying because of my naughty playmates, majority of them are three or so older than me.

But, the best thing that I like about rain is the joy it brought to me when I was four or five. Everytime it rains, I'd go to my grandmother and I ask permission from her if I can join my playmates play in the rain. If she says 'yes', I'd quicky undress myself and, yeah, I will stay outside until the rain stops. But if she says 'no', I'd go to my grandfather and I'd begged him if I can be with my friends. (By the way, I grew up with my grandparents but my parents took me back when I was six years old because I need to go to school.)

In the rain, we can do almost everything - run, scream, you name it. And this is a kind of freedom that is unique to a four-year old toddler.

And I terribly miss those old days - those days of freedom and innocence associated with childhood. How I wish I could turn back time. Sigh!


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