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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Great Escape to Normi's Beachfront Resort

We left Annie's wedding past two in the afternoon, but instead of going back to Baguio City, we decided to go to Normi's Beachfront Resort. It was my first time to visit the place, but the moment I saw the view inside, I told myself that our stay will definitely be great. Indeed, our stay was absolutely awesome and worth blogging for. Following are the photos taken at the resort (By the way, I'll have a separate blog about Palabay and Mallari's nuptial):

Welcome to Normi's! Normi's Beachfront Resort is situated at Taboc, San Juan, La Union. It is a peaceful and family-oriented place with free-wifi, clean and air-conditioned rooms that suits the need of everyone, free use of semi-olympic and kiddie swimming pools and a lot more.

Stolen shot on our way to the resort. The resort is just a 3-minute walk from the highway for those who don't have cars (yet). Visitors with cars may bring them inside but I don't know if there's an extra fee. Included in this photo are my former team mates Jo Ballena, Priscilla Yag-as, Nefreena Evangelista and Regent Brian Bernabe and Armando Bustos as well as my former Coach Joanne Doctolero.

Yours truly. Behind me are "black sheeps" eating grass. I asked Armando to take photo of me and he willingly obliged. Thanks Armando.

Photo-shoot before we hit the pool! From left to right: Nefreena Evangelista. Loss Management Specialist Priscilla Yag-as, Resolution Specialist Joreena Ballena, Fron Line Manager Joanne Doctolero, Resolution Specialist Regent Brian Bernabe and Associate Armando Bustos. We've decided to leave our things near the kiddie pool.

Yours truly at the mini-bridge. We traveled from San Gabriel to San Juan. It's a bit exhausting but it's fun as well. And like what I always say "it's worth blogging for".

From wedding to "outing". Stolen shot on our way to the beach. The downside of the photographer is you won't be included in the photos - just like me. Ugh! How I wish I'm included in this photo.

Ready, get set, smile! Photo-shoot at the beach. From left to right: Coach Joanne Doctolero, Priscilla Yag-as, Joreena Ballena, Nefrena Evangelista and Regent Brian Bernabe (partly-hidden).

One more shot before we leave the beach. From left to right: Regent Brian Bernabe, Joreena Ballena, Prisilla Yag-as, Coach Joanne Doctolero and Nefreea Evangelista. By the way, thanks Nef for carrying my polo.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the "beachest" of them all? Hahaha! The "beach" pose! In front: Coach Joanne Doctolero and Nefreena Evangelista. Back: Priscilla Yag-as and Joreena Ballena.

Isn't it enticing? For reservations and other inquires, you may contact Normi's Beachfront Resort at landline number: 072-720-0519.

"Picture-picture" before we leave the place. From left to right: Armando Bustos, Jorena Ballena, Priscilla Yag-as, Nefreena Evangelista, Joanne Doctolero and Regent Brian Bernabe.

Finally, I'm included in the photo! I apologize for my "outfit" which is not "fit" for the resort. Hahaha! I didn't bring extra clothes and extra underwear because I'm not expecting that we'll go out and swim after Annie's wedding. For the second time, I went back to Baguio with no brief! Awtz!

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