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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Snapshots: Annie's Wedding

We arrived in San Gabriel twenty minutes ahead of the scheduled wedding ceremony so we had ample time taking photos of ourselves. For no apparent reasons, we never felt tired even though the trip from Baguio City to Saint Gabriel Archangel Church is a bit long, and commuting is not that easy, especially if it's too hot. After some photo-shoots, the bride and the groom arrived, and the ceremony started as scheduled. Following are the photos taken at Annie's wedding day on January 15th(special thanks to Venus Gacutan-Delfin for the photos):

"Us" with the bride and the groom. From left to right: Jackilyn Manangan, Jermaine Manangan, Nefreena Evangelista, Priscilla Yag-as, Venus Gacutan - Delfin, Coach Joanne Doctolero, bride Aniway Palabay, groom Jami Mallari, Joreena Ballena, Yours truly, Armando Bustos and Regent Brian Bernabe. Photo was taken inside the Saint Gabriel Archangel Church.

Team Joanne reunited! Yours truly with my former Coach and team mates. From left to right: Jackylyn Manangan, Priscilla Yag-as, Venus Gacutan - Delfin, Nefreena Evangelista, Joreena Ballena, Coach Joanne Doctolero and Armando Bustos.

Photo-shoot after the wedding. The reception are is a five-minute ride from the church. In this photo: Nefreena Evangelista, Priscilla Yag-as, Yours truly and Jackie Manangan.

Photo taken at the reception area. With me are my former team mates Venus Gacutan -Delfin (now manages Spa De Soleil located at Europa Condominium), Nefreena Evangelista and Priscilla Yag-as. Waiting for our turn to eat!

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