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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Great Escape To San Luis Del Mar Resort

Sunday, February 19, 2012. We arrived at San Luis Del Mar Resort in Bauang, La Union around five o'clock in the afternoon. There were nine of us, mostly from the Loss Management Team and the QA Team. Present in the said "overnight" are my fellow Quality Analysts Aaron John Lasdacan and Lou Fontanilla, Loss Management Specialists Lea Coronado, Mary Grace Abis, Chester and Henson Sagorsor as well as my wave mate Norilee Didulo and Analyn "Ads" Saloen. We stayed at the resort for almost 7 hours and we left at 11:00 in the morning. Following are the photos taken at San Luis Del Mar.

Me at the entrance of San Luis Del Mar Resort! San Luis Del Mar Resort is located in Baccuit Norte, Bauang, La Union. The place is only a two-hour ride from Baguio City. It's a must-see place, especailly for those people who love beaches! Oh, I love the beach there --no stones which may hurt your feet and the sand, although not as white as Bora's, is totally amazing!

Yours truly with Loss Management Specialists Leah Coronado and Mary Grace Abis. This photo was taken on our way to the pool! We're so excited which is why we didn't even bother changing our "outfit" first before leaving our room.

The "green, green grass" of San Luis Del Mar Resort. Included in the photo (front, l-r): Analyn, Lou Fontanilla, Yours Truly; (back, l-r): Leah Coronado, Mary Grace Abis and Aaron Jhon Lasdacan.

Single ladies at the hall! From left to right: Leah Coronado, Norilee Didulo and Mary Grace Abis. The hall is perfect for debuts, corporate meetings and, even, weddings!

I love this photo but, unfortunately, I'm not here. From left to right: Norilee Didulo, Lou Fontanilla, Aaron Jhon Lasdacan, Leah Coronado, Mary Grace Abis, Analyn and Chester. It's awesome when shirt color belnds with the environment.

Single ladies in our room. From  left to right: Lee Didulo, Leah Coronado and Mary Grace Abis. The room is good for six heads (additional Php450 for the three additional heads). It's fully air-conditioned, with cable-TV and shower room!

We just want to be on the beach! Photo taken around six in the morning. From  Left to right: Ads, Grace, Leah, Lou, Yours Truly and Aaron. Check the sand and you'll have a reason to sing: "I just wanna be on the beach!".

Hanging by a moment! Yours truly "hanging" at San Luis Del Mar. Behind me is my fellow Quality Analyst Aaron Jhon Lasdacan. Sorry, I don't feel like "rotating" the photo. Haha!

Full force at the Function Hall. From left to right: Lee, Grace, Leah, Chester, Ads, Lou, Aaron and Henson. I'm not included in the photo (huhu).

On our way to the pool and the beach, Yours truly with Lee and Ads. The way the place was designed is awesome. Anyone who'll check the place will absolutely enjoy and recommend the place.

If you're a pool-lover, then, San Luis Del Mar is the perfect place for you. So clean, so refreshing. enjoy the breath-taking view of the sea while you enjoy swimming with your friends and special someone.

Room 106. San Luis Del Mar offer rooms at affordable and reasonable rates. Rooms offered: single room for two persons, double bed for two persons, triple bed for six persons (our choice), suite for two persons and a dormitory for ten persons.
Bahay-kubo at San Luis Del Mar. Enjoy your meal here while savoring the cool breeze from the sea and the relaxing aroma of the environment. Shown in the photo: Ads, Lee and Grace.

Me at the beach at around five in the morning. If you're a beach-lover, I strongly recommend that you cehck San Luis Del Mar Resort. Also included in the photo is Aaron.

Photo-shoot before we go home. From left to right: Lee, Aaron, Ads, Leah, Lou, Henson and Chester. We left the resort at 11:00 in the morning the following day.

San Luis Del Mar is located at Baccuit Norte, Bauang, La Union. For reservations, for may contact them at telephoen number 072-607-6983.


  1. wow awesome presentation... pictures with matching intoduction.. i luvv it so much.. hope to be back there soon.. -ads-

  2. Thanks Ads. Hehehe! Yeah, we should go back there some other time . :)Thanks for dropping by my page.

  3. hi there, i was searching around and saw your blog about san luis del mar, i was actually looking for any reviews about the resort before I give my final decision...I love to see the infinity pool of this resort, but I heard that some people i know who went here are not really satisfied with their service, according to them rooms look nice in the photos only...and when it comes to food there is nothing good about it since it was just like a this true?

  4. San Luis has great customer service. Staff members are accommodating and friendly. Some rooms are fully furnished but others are not. You have the option to choose which rooms you like provided that they are available. Make sure you reserve rooms ahead of time.

    You don't have to worry about food. You can bring food at the resort or you can also cook. There's a cafeteria at the resort but you have the option not to eat there. You can always bring food.

    April 10, 2013 at 9:25 AM

  5. Thanks for sharing this. Might go there.


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