Payday Treat: Three Pairs of Shoes from Mario D' Boro

As promised in my blog entry yesterday, I'll shop for myself today as a treat to myself because I haven't bought anything for myself for the past few months. And because I didn't have much time to look for clothes, I bought three pairs of shoes instead, courtesy of Mario D' Boro. Here they are:

Black shoes perfect for my Monday outfit! One thing that I realized now that earning my own money is shoes need not be expensive. As long as the brand is okay and the style is okay, then, it's fine! I don't need a shoes that cost Php2, 000 or higher! Thanks to Mario d' Boro!

This is my favorite! Mario D' Boro style # MI14263, gray at 30% discount! Good thing Mario D' Boro is stylistic yet affordable unlike other brands. Thanks Mario d' Boro!

Same style as the second photo but in different color! I think I should wear this tonight! Well, this is it for today! I'll do my second batch shopping probably tomorrow!


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