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Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Survey

A few days back, Marie Alexis Mendoza, my fellow Quality Analyst who is currently taking her Master's degree in Psychology at Saint Louis University, asked to me take a survey about Mass Communication. Although I'm not a MassComm major when I was still at UP, I gladly told her that I can be one of respondents. Here's how I answered the survey:

Do you believe that most graduates of Mass Communications are employed or underemployed?
I’ll say majority of them are underemployed just like registered nurses, engineers and accountants. In a developing country like ours where both economic and political stabilities exist, underemployment is unavoidable. The lack of potential investors and capital flight are causing underemployment and unemployment in our country. It’s a simple application of Law of Demand and Supply: we’re getting more and more supply of MassComm graduates but no one is going to employ them – which consequently results to underemployment or, worst, unemployment.

How can media create social problem?
Media creates social problem by neglecting the essential elements of what we call “good” media. It's all about "irresponsible" journalism.

When you were a “Mass Communications” student, did you have a discussion on social problems caused by media?
There’s none. I took Journalism when I was in freshman but I took Economics the following semester.

Do you know some laws that protect the rights of journalists or broadcasters?
Yes. The Campus Journalism Act of 1992, also known as Republic Act No. 7079 aims to promote awareness, uphold and protect campus journalism. Our 1987 Constitution, specifically Article III or the Bill of Rights, also highly protects freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press.

Do you feel the fear of exposing the truth (especially if you’re a journalist or a broadcaster)? Why or Why not?
Yes, I will definitely be afraid, especially if the news involves an influential person (e.g. prominent political figure). If my memory serves me right, the Philippines was ranked second among countries where “Journalism” is considered as the most dangerous job. We’re next to Afghanistan. Reports about journalists and media practitioners ambushed or killed in this particular place is almost part of our daily news headlines.

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