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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Things I Must Buy Tomorrow

Tomorrow is payday and because I haven't treated myself for the past cut-offs with "anything material", except for the Samsung Galaxy Young I bought two days ago, I realized that it's time for me to buy something for myself. Well, I guess you know the feeling if you haven't bought "something material" for yourself  - it's like depriving yourself from something that you should not deprive yourself in the first place. Here's a list of "something material" that I need to buy tomorrow:

1. Shoes - The last time I bought a brand new shoes was November of last year so just imagine how my shoes(es) look like now! The two black leather shoes that I'm using are no longer good and the other two sneakers I bought from Tiongsan Department Store are no longer good as well. The other shoes(es) that I have are idle - meaning I rarely use them - because I don't feel like wearing them. In fact, I only wear my Nike shoes(es) if I'm travelling or if I feel the need to use them. Now I regret that I bought that Php3, 495 Nike shoes from Baguio Country Mart.  Since tomorrow is payday, my plan is I'm going to buy two Mario D'  Boro shoes(es) - one sneakers and a leather shoes. Good thing Mario D' Boro isn't that expensive unlike other brands.

2. Pen - I need to buy a pen tomorrow so I won't be borrowing from Leah. Haha! Any pen will do. It doesn't  have to be expensive.

3. Clothes - When I say "clothes", I mean any clothes - from shirts to polos to long sleeves. I just realized that I haven't bought clothes for myself these past few months. I've contented myself with the clothes that I have right now!

4. Underwear - Do I really need these? No, not really. I still have a lot of underwear so I don't have to buy these tomorrow. Perhaps, I'll buy next cut-off.

5. What else? Hmmm..I'm running out of tiime! I'm about to leave for work. I'll create a "to buy list" later and I'll keep you updated. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have a great day!

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