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Sunday, April 8, 2012

FAQs About Sitel Baguio and Convergys Baguio

Sitel Baguio and Convergys Baguio are the two leading call centers in Baguio City, and, therefore, people can't help but compare them. However, the purpose of this entry is not two compare them but to shed light on some frequently asked questions about Convergys Baguio and Sitel Baguio. Here are some of those questions:
1. How can I apply at Sitel Baguio or Convergys Baguio?
Answer: You may apply online or, better yet, apply personally. Sitel Baguio is located at the Philippine Economic Zone Authority at Loakan Road, Baguio City. Convergys Baguio is situated at Ordonio Drive, Camp John Hay Baguio City.

2. What are the accounts in Sitel Baguio and Convergys Baguio?

Answer: There are several accounts in Sitel and Convergys Baguio, ranging from publications to financial accounts. As a general policy, I cannot disclose the names of these accounts because this is a very sensitive information.

Sitel's  advertisement at Baguio Midland Courier last March 23, 2012. They featured me. 

3. How much is the salary at Covergys Baguio?
Answer:  I believe that this is a confidential information so I'm sad to say that I can't disclose it. As far as I know Convergys Baguio offers attractive basic salary plus allowance and other incentives and benefits.

4. How much is the salary at Sitel Baguio?
Answer. The answer to this question is confidential but I'll give you a general idea. Sitel Baguio offers a very attractive salary plus transportation and food allowance and competitive health and medical benefits. 

5. What are the positions available at Sitel Baguio?
Answer: Sitel Baguio has available positions for Customer Support Representative, Technical Support Representative and other Support opening. You may check Baguio Midland Courier Sunday issues to see Sitel's adverts. (Note: Photos above are properties of Covergys and Sitel.)

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