Implementing Google Authorship on a Blog

"With the launch of Google+ and the announcement from Matt Cutts, in an interview from Danny Sullivan last summer, claiming the authorship of your online content is becoming increasingly important. As part of Google’s resin d’etre for search and social they are rolling out author rank as part of their future updates to their ranking algorithm. This means that Google can rank web pages based on how popular an author is within their niche and if any influential peers have +1’d that piece of content. Also if your content is regularly scraped and syndicated it will help Google to understand who the author is and rank the original source of the content higher.

"You also may have noticed in the Google search results, rich snippets with a picture of the article author and a link to their Google+ profile. There are some articles circulating that blogs are seeing a higher click through rate (CTR) when these images appear in the SERP’s. So with this in mind do you think it is important to add the Google Author markup to your website?" (Important notice: This article was originally posted on Kira's blog. To view complete and detailed entry, please click here.)


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