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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Notes From Sison, Pangasinan Part XII

I left Baguio City around nine in the morning yesterday right after work (I added more evaluations last Sunday...hehe), and I arrived in Caezperanzaan, Sison, Pangasinan past eleven. It's past eleven so imagine how hot it was when I arrived there! If my calculation is accurate, I think it's almost 32 degrees Celsius! Good thing I brought one liter of Absolute distilled drinking water with me, otherwise, I would have been dehydrated, and my outfit is just so perfect for the weather - I've got yellow tee and  an athletic and streetwear shorts with velcro pockets from Bench and sneakers from Mario D' Boro.

Snapshot at Kennon Road

My Auntie wasn't around when I arrived - she went to Urdaneta for the last day of filing of ITR. My Uncle was on his desk assisting some of our customers and the three rice mill operators were too busy. Simply put it, no one entertained me when I arrived. Haha! But I'm used to it. I understand that everyone's busy, and we're not really hospitable to our visitors. Haha! So what I did was watched TV instead - yes, I watched The Seeker to keep myself busy.

Rosario, La Union Public Market

We had our lunch at exactly twelve noon. Because everyone busy and no one's available to cook - our errand Ate Ruth left us almost two years ago and she's never been replaced - we had tuyo, pansit and chicken adobo for lunch. I haven't eaten tuyo for several months so I didn't mind eating pansit and adobo at all.

Tricycle waiting area at the Rosario, Public Market  near the Friendship Supermarket

I was about to leave when My Auntie arrived. She also complained that it's relatively hotter yesterday, and because I learned how to sympathize well at work I told her that it's even hotter nowadays in Baguio unlike the previous months. We talked for almost an hour and, then, I told her it's time for me to go leave because I still have work and I don't want to be late.
An idle rice field at Tabtabungao, Rosario, La Union

I left Sison, Pangasinan around three in the afternoon because I still have work at 9 pm. I reached Baguio City past six in the evening but, unfortunately, I was not able to report to work because I suffered from severe headache dizziness and muscle pain.

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