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Sunday, April 1, 2012

The QA Team Building March 2012

Just got home from the QA Team building, and the first thing that came out of my head is to blog about it. Present in the said "get together" are my fellow QAs Joanne Loraine Beltran, Ces Santos, Amos Tulay, Mhel Cabias, David Laforteza, Earl Lardizabal, Kenneth Cera, Theresa Benitez, Leah Garcia, Lou Fontanilla, Aaron John Lasdacan, Gregorio Rodolfo, Wynn Aguinaldo, Ace Lester Jimeno, and, of course, our Quality Lead Wednesday Ann Macaraeg. We had our dinner at Good Taste in Legarda and we went to Pines View Hotel afterwards. After Pines View Hotel, Ace, David, Erl, Theresa, Booblet, Aaron and I went to Pitstop at Brentwood and we met Lourdes and Arjay there. Here are our photos (more photos to be uploaded):

 Photo-shoot while waiting for the other QAs. Me with my fellow QAs (l-r): Aaron John Lasdacan, Wynn Aguinldo, Joanne Loraine Beltran, and Lou Fontanilla!

 This is me! Photo-shoot at the stairway! Haha! It's nice to be at Good Taste! It's cheaper there yet we enjoyed the food a lot.
 The new Good Taste restaurant is now open 24 hours. We used to go to Baguio Country Club for dinner but  this time we've tasted the taste of Good Taste! It's cool to be there - highly recommended!

 Another shot before be order. In this photo (l-r): Aaron John Lasdacan, Loraine Beltran, Me, Kenneth Cera and Lou Fontanilla.

 Full force: the QAs! L-R: Kenneth Cera, Theresa Benitez, David Laforteza, Loraine Beltran, Earl Lardizabal, Aaron  John Lasdacanm Ces Santos and Wynn Aguinaldo.

 It's me again! Well, I'm not a model but I love modelling/posing! This photo was taken at the stairs of Good Taste.

 It's me again! Another pose at the wall of the new Good Taste restaurant! Hahaha! Special thanks to Aaron for taking the photo!

 With the big boss! From left to right: Loraine Beltran, Aaron John Lasdacan, Theresa Benitez, Mhel Cabias and boss Wednesday Ann Macaraeg.

It's chow time! Me and my fellow Quality Analyst at Site 3, Leah Garcia. We left Good Taste around nine in the evening and went to Pines View Hotel afterwards. We didn't stay at LOL anymore.

Me at the Pines View Hotel! Drinking ad singing session with my fellow QAs! It was fun although I didn't finish the song that i'm singing. I don't have a "good" singing voice. I think. Hehe!

At Pitstop at Brentwood! Had another drinking session here with Arjay, Lourdes, Theresa, Booblet, Earl, David, Aaron and Ace. Ace, Arjay, Lourdes and I went ot Red Lion afterwards but I didn't drink anymore - just a cup of coffee and cold water.

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