The Sitel Baguio Quality Assurance Team 2012

Back in 2010, there were only thirteen QAs (well, we're actually fourteen including boss Wednesday). Excluding myself, GDC QA Team was originally composed of Loraine, Jessa, Maricar, Marie, Leah, Arjay, Jerrol, Mark, Ces, Lou, Aaron and Ace. A year later, Amos, RJ, Lourdes, Booblet and Theresa were added to our team, and two years later eight new QAs were added: Erl, David, Kenneth, Wynn, Patty, Blair, Nelson and Al. Currently, Sitel Baguio QA Team is consist of 24 gorgeous QAs and an equally gorgeous Quality Lead. Take a look of our photos below:

Photo-shoot at Citylight Hotel. From left to right: David, Kenneth, Alejandro aka Al, Blair, Theresa, RJ, Yours Truly and Erl. I was wearing my QA shirt when this photo was taken.

Boys will be always boys! From left to right: David, Arjay, Lourdes, Yours Truly, Al, Blair, RJ, Ace and Erl. Photo taken during our breakfast buffet at Citylight Hotel. Special thanks to birthday girl, Booblet!

Photo taken during the High Chair Parade! From left to right: RJ, Maricar, Lourdes, Ace, David, Arjay, Theresa, Kenneth, Amos, Leah, Marie, Lou, Aaron, Jessa and Loraine. I was on vacation leave when this photo was taken.

With the big boss! From left to right: Aaron, Booblet, Erl, Ace, RJ, Kenneth, Lou, Amos, boss Wednesday, Ces, David and Arjay.  I was on vacation leave when this photo was taken. (Special thanks to Erl and Theresa for the photos.)


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