The Great Escape To Sierra Vista Beach Resort

Saturday. May 6, 2012. Right after our Friday shift, my fellow QAs at Site 3 invited me to join them at Sierra Vista Beach Resort in San Fabian, Pangasinan. Because I don't want to disappoint them - aside from the fact that I've never been at Sierra Vista - I've decided to join them. We left Baguio City past ten in the morning because I went back home to get my clothes and other stuffs! Thanks to Ken, Erl and David for the invite! The escapade was great and, yes I had a chance to go "boating" at the sea! It was memorable and worth blogging for! Here are some of the photos taken using my phone. I'm still waiting for Erl to upload some of the photos from his Nikon.

Sierra Vista's pool area! The resort is located in San Fabian, Pangasinan. I didn't spend much time at the pool at night so I got a chance to swim there as early as four in the morning.

SVBR stands for Sierra Vista Beach Resortges!! The best thing that I like the place are their cottages. They're absolutely cool - perfect for honeymoon and "night getaways."

Me at the beach! A lot of tourist visit the place especially on summer. Right after this photo-shoot, we decided to go "boating" at the sea. It was memorable! More photos next time. I'm still waiting for some photos from QA Erl.


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