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Sunday, May 20, 2012

My Zalora Wishlist

I'm currently working in a US-based debit card company and rare are the days when we don't get customers complaining about a particular merchant because (1) the merchandise that they received are of poor quality and (2) the merchandise delivery time-frame "takes forever" or they didn't receive the merchandise within the delivery time-frame alloted! Which is why I became skeptic when it comes to buying online - aside from the fact that I don't want to compromise my credit card information.

But those were the old days! Thanks God I found Zalora Philippines! With Zalora, I'm confident that their merchandise are of high quality because they offer well-known and fashion brands like 101 New York, Dolce & Gabana, Gucci, Cole Vintage, Otto, Tomato, Solo, Wade, Fuiyue and a lot more. And guess what? If you're within the Metro Manila area, it's 100% guaranteed that you'll get your merchandise at your doorstep within three hours! For those living outside Metro Manila, the delivery time-frame is one to two days only and shipping is absolutely free! Isn't it great? And if you're worried about giving your credit card or debit card information, you don't have to worry anymore because Zalora accepts cash on delivery as mode of payment! So there! Just imagine how customer-friendly Zalora is!

And here's more! Zalora will be your Genie (in a bottle) this May and they will grant five wishes instead of three, plus Php5,000 credit on your Zalora account. And because I have wishes and I don't want to miss the opportunity of getting these wishes without shelling out any cent, I didn't hesitate to join. Here's my official Zalora wishlist:

Wish #1: Double Pocket Long Sleeve Shirt by Tomato. I live in Baguio City and I work in an air-conditioned room at night so just imagine what exactly you'll feel if you're not wearing a jacket or a long sleeve. Well, you will feel cold - literally! This double pocket long sleeve shirt by Tomato perfectly match my need, my work environment and my "taste for style." I'm confident that I'll look "highly-fashionable" and sexy (yes, men are sexy too just in case you don't know) wearing this outfit. Current price inclusive of tax and free delivery: Php 990.00.

Wish #2: Men's round toe lace espadrilles with garter by Wade. I love shoes, and this Men's round toe lace espadrilles with garter by Wade has caught my entire attention the first time I saw it. This shoes is perfect for my "escapades" in nearby towns like La Union and Pangasinan. I know I'll be comfortable wearing this shoes.  This is also perfect to wear at work, especially on Fridays. Current price inclusive of tax and free shipping: Php 909.30.

Wish #3: Berlin Netbook Sleeve by Europak. I'm "not into" bags but this Berlin Netbook Sleeve by Europak looks very appealing and attractive to me. In fact, this is my "bag at first sight." This is perfect for my work and travel. Because I blog a lot about my "escapades" and I love travelling, this Berlin Netbook Sleeve by Europak is perfect...I mean...a "perfect place" for my laptop so I don't have to worry about dropping it. Current price inclusive of tax and free shipping: Php999.75.

Wish #4: Hoody Jacket with hem drawstring by 101 New York. Rainy season is fast approaching so this Hoody Jacket with hem drawstring by 101 New York is just "timing." I don't like rainy days, especially here in Baguio City where temperature can go as low as 10 degrees Celsius but if I'll get this Jacket I think I'll start loving "rain." With this Jacket, I'm pretty sure that I won't get wet and suffer from cold.

Wish #5: Str Blk/Wht/Gry Acrylic Scarf by Tieline. I've been staying here in Baguio City for eight years now but, to tell you honestly, I only managed to buy one scarf for myself. Which is why I made it sure that a scarf is included in my Zalora wishlist. This Str Blk/Wht/Gry Acrylic Scarf by Tieline looks elegant and highly-fashionable and it perfectly matches my "taste." Perfect to wear at work! Current price inclusive of tax and free shipping: Php695.00.

For your fashion and shopping needs, shop at Zalora Philippines! Free shipping nationwide!!! Don't wait for tomorrow if you can do it today!

So what are you waiting for? Be a part of the #1 one stop online destination for everything fashion in the Philippines. Register now and get a free P250 Voucher when you sign up for ZALORA’s newsletter.


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