My Controversial Twitter Update

When I tweeted yesterday (see screenshot below), I "unexpectedly" received personal messages on Facebook, asking me if the #backstabbers* are them, which I immediately clarified that it's not them. (Funny thing is I don't have any idea who are these them. Haha!) The #backstabbers in my tweet are definitely not from my workplace so just imagine how I felt when those messages popped-out on my screen. I was absolutely surprised and a little bit puzzled. Says one message "Grabe shout out mo ah! Kami yun noh?" 

I still have the screenshots of the actual conversation but I opted not to post it here to protect the identity of the persons involved. Should necessity arises the said "exchange of messages" will be posted in my future blog updates.

*Urban Dictionary defines "back stabber" as "someone who pretends to be your friend; but talks shit about you to other people."


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